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SuperFoods private label


SUPERFOODS - YOUR PERFECT SUPPLIER & PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCER. The finest superfoods you can find from all over the planet. From soil, to harvest, to processing, shipping and storage, we strive to provide only the finest, purest, most ethical foods on earth.


Acai Powder (Freeze Dried), Raw organic
Acerola powder (Freeze Dried) organic
Acerola Powder organic
Aflalfa Seeds organic
Agave syrup 370 ml, Raw organic
Agave Syrup organic
Alfalfa Leaf Powder
Almond Flour organic
Almonds - Valencia organic
Amaranth organic
Apricot - Kernel Powder organic
Apricot Kernels (Bitter), Raw organic
Apricots organic
Arjuna powder organic
Aronia Berries organic
Aronia Powder organic
Ashwagandha Powder organic
Astragalus, Raw
Atractylodes powder organic
Baheda powder organic
Banana Chips organic
Banana Flakes organic
Banana Powder organic
Baobab Fruit Powder organic
Barley Grass Powder organic
Barley Grass, Wheatgrass) organic
Bee Pollen powder organic
Blueberry Powder organic
Brahmi Powder organic
Brazil Nuts organic
Buckwheat organic
Bulgur organic
Cacao Beans (Raw & Criollo) organic
Cacao Butter (Raw & Criollo) organic
Cacao Liquor (Criollo), Raw organic
Cacao Nibs (Raw & Criollo) organic
Cacao Powder (Raw & Criollo) organic
Camu Camu Powder organic
Cane Sugar organic
Canihua organic
Carob Powder organic
Cashews organic
Cat's Claw powder
Chaga Mushroom Powder
Chia powder
Chia Seeds organic
Chlorella Powder organic
Chlorella Tablets - 500 mg organic
Cinnamon Powder organic
Coconut chips, Raw organic
Coconut Oil (Extra Vierge - 1700ml) organic
Coconut Oil (Extra Vierge - 330ml) organic
Coconut Oil (Extra Vierge - 565ml) organic
Coconut Palm Sugar organic
Coconut Powder organic
Coconut Sugar organic
Cordyceps powder organic
Cranberries - Apple Juice organic
Cranberries - Cane Sugar organic
Curcuma powder organic
Dates - Pieces organic
Dong Quai Powder organic
Dried Cultivated Blueberries organic
Dried Wild Blueberries organic
Figs organic
Flax Seeds - Broken organic
Flax Seeds - Brown organic
Flax Seeds - Golden organic
Flax Seeds - Milled organic
Fo Ti (He Shou Wu) Powder organic
Ginkgo biloba leaf powder
Ginseng Powder (Korean Panax) organic
Goji Berries organic
Goji Powder organic
Gotu Kola powder
Green Mix (Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley Grass,
Wheatgrass) organic
Groundnut Kernels organic
Guarana Powder organic
Gynostemma Powder organic
Hazelnuts - Brown organic
Hemp Protein - 30 % organic
Hemp Protein - 50 % organic
Hemp Seed Oil organic
Hemp seeds Hulled, Raw organic
Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (fine), Raw
Himalayan Salt - Pink
Horny Goat Weeds Powder, Raw organic
Hulled Hemp Seeds organic
Inca Berries organic
Irish Moss, Raw organic
Kale powder organic
Kelp Powder
Lucuma Powder organic
Maca Powder organic
Macaccino powder (Maca 10%, Cacao powder
70%, Coconut sugar 20%) organic
Macadamia organic
Maiitake Powder
Mango, Raw organic
Maple Syrup organic
Maqui Powder organic
Milk Powder - 1.25 % organic
Moringa Powder organic
MSM Powder
Mucuna Pruriens Powder organic
Muira Puama Powder
Mulberries organic
Neem Powder organic
Palm Sugar organic
Passion Fruit Powder
Pea Protein organic
Pea Protein powder organic
Pecan Halves, Raw organic
Plums organic
Psyllium Husk powder organic
Pumpkin Seeds - GWS AA organic
Purple Corn Flour, Raw organic
Purple Corn Powder organic
Quinoa - Black organic
Quinoa - Flour organic
Quinoa - Red organic
Quinoa - White organic
Raisins organic
Red Beet Powder organic
Reishi Mushroom Powder organic
Rhodiola Rosea organic
Rice Protein - Brown organic
Rice Protein - White organic
Rice Protein Powder (Agri-Chem free)
Rosehip Powder organic
Sacha Inchi organic
Schizandra Powder organic
Sea Buckthorn Powder organic
Sea Spaghetti (Irish), Raw organic
Sesame Seeds - Peeled organic
Sesame Seeds - Unpeeled (Escoba) organic
Sesame Seeds - Unpeeled (Roasted) organic
Sesame Seeds - Unpeeled organic
Shatavari Powder organic
Shiitake Powder
Shikakai, Raw organic
Shilajit powder
Siberian Ginseng Powder organic
Spinach Powder organic
Spirulina Powder organic
Spirulina Tablets 250 mg, Raw
Stevia Leaf powder
Suma Root Powder, Raw
Sunflower Seeds organic
Tribulus Terrestris Powder, Raw organic
Triphala Powder organic
Tulasi Powder organic
Vanilla Bean Powder, Raw organic
Vanilla Powder organic
Wakame (Irish), Raw organic
Walnuts - Light Halves organic
Walnuts - Pieces organic
Walnuts organic
Wheatgrass Powder organic
Whey Protein Concentrate - 70% organic
Whey Protein Concentrate - 80% organic
Whole Hemp Seeds organic
Yacon Root Powder, Raw organic
Yacon Syrup 250 ml / 330 g, Raw organic